Friday, 6 July 2018

Important Catholic Books: The Power of Silence
Can you write a whole book about silence, without becoming contradictory? Robert Cardinal Sarah has answered questions from interviewer Nicolas Diat on a large scale, yet once again, the book is full of wisdom, from beginning to end.

Before reading The Power of Silence, I had already valued silence and experienced the calming darkness and quietness of night. But whilst reading this treasure, I became much more aware of the importance of silence.

Robert Cardinal Sarah certainly brings us back to the essentials of faith: Meeting God means, meeting him in silence. God is not noisy, he speaks through our heart ... And thus the liturgy shouldn't be celebrated in a noisy, but in a dignified way. Adoration is a silent prayer - in adoration and listening to God's voice, we are closest to God. Clarity and strength in faith come from silent prayer ...

The book The Power of Silence can be read as an enlightening meditation. I'm sure it has the power to inspire priests and lay persons in their vocations.

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